Sunday, October 24, 2010


Who can deny the fact that holidays could never be enough? I for one can vouch that holidays always end sooner than expected.

Just recently I had to take my compulsory leave; 5 working days altogether. That means all in all, I had exactly one week long break.

With that in mind, I hastily kinda commanded my bf to go to Bangkok(BKK) for a break. He's a regular to BKK for all I know. I believe almost every year, he would make a trip there. As for myself, my last trip to BKK was like 2 years back. So, for me, it's due to repay BKK a visit, hahahaha..

I really have pleasant and fond experiences for all my trips to BKK. I find the Thais have such patience, respects and ever so friendly; and all the Thai cities I have visited so far, I can safely say that Thailand is such a safe place to visit despite whatever riots that had happened past and present.

Our 4D3N trip to BKK was spent visiting places that both of us had never been before. The day of arrival was a casual day. As we arrived way before hotel check-in time, we went around shopping and going to restaurants we love to revisit. We also talked about how we should spend the next 2 days.

For Day 2, we booked a trip to the ruin city of Ayuthea. It was the 2nd (out of the total four) Capital of Thailand and the entire trip took the whole day with several stops to nearby temples and noted places of visits.

I was amazed by the beautiful ruins of the temples. If it had not been destroyed by the Burmese during the war, I believe this UNESCO World Heritage Site should be one of the most magnificent structures one could find, not losing to any Seven Wonders of the World. The Buddha head wrapped by the tree trunk simply took my breath away. I am easily amazed by images of such site. I simply have to acknowledge that wonders do exist in this world.

Another breath-taking site was the reclining Buddha structure. Although it was only a stand alone Buddha with no temple to house it, I was still pleasantly mesmerised by the beauty of it and wondered how one was able to build such temples, Buddhas and architectures in days where no machineries or equipments were available.

After a long and hot day, we took a cruise back to BKK along the Chai Phraya river. As it's the monsoon season, we noticed the banks were filled to the brim and several temples seemed like flooded by the overflowing river.

Day 3 was spent by a half day trip to the infamous floating market. Again, the long tail boat together with the paddle boat rides sent me giggling like a child. I just could not believe my ears when I was told that the locals brushed their teeth as well as washed their clothes using water from this murky river.

This floating market is like any other markets you could find on land. The merchandises range from fruits, drinks, meat to hats, souvenirs and even kitchen ware. All boats paddled swiftly cramping in this narrow river, and I must salute how the boatmen were able to manoeuvre safely in it. The remaining of the day, we went around some shopping malls and ended up the night with a nice 2 hours foot + oil body massage for only 600 Baht. Nothing beats a good massage after a long and tiring day.

After spending 3 nights in BKK, I am still glad to have made this trip. Bangkok is still one of the friendliest city for me. The food, the people, the prices and the places make Thailand one of my top priority whenever I wanna take a short break. Would you agree with me too?


Hotties said...

Nice trip! Been to BKK before but not to the place you have visited. Missed the floating market as my last trip in the hurry. Would love to go back again with my lover in the future!

Legolas said...

Love Bangkok! Cheap food, cheap stuffs, nice people, fantastic service. Except for stupid red shirt people protesting.

Dick Toc said...

Hotties: If u have not been to those places before, u should give it shot. There are so much more to see than just BKK city itself.
Legolas: Totally agreed with u, 200%