Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Body & Diet

After falling sick for the past 2 days, my body felt lethargic for not being able to sweat it out in the gym. I guess, there's some truth in there when they say "old habit dies hard". Eventhough I was absurdly busy today at work, my mind kept on saying that I must work out tonight no matter what. Hence, I made sure all my work was completed on time without much outstanding tasks so that I could walk off from the office early without worrying my boss beckoning me back with, "is this done? is that completed?".

So at 6pm sharp, I walked gingerly towards to the window to check if traffic was smooth during such after office hour mad rush and to my surprise, there wasn't a gridlock like what I would have expected on a normal workday.

Hence, I swiftly took my wallet and car keys, and walked doubly fast out from my office. In order not to waste time figuring out if traffic was smooth at the other side of town, I drove to the nearest gym and changed. Looked like I was still in time for a session of bodycombat.

I really have no idea when was the last time I did a bodycombat class, and since I had no other options, I just walked in and squeezed myself among the full crowd to find a small space to myself.

When the class was conducted midway, I felt that my jabs, punches and hooks as well as my kicks were really out. I felt like a newbie again doing it. This shows how long I have not been doing bodycombat.

The instructor was one of the best I had experienced before, and he really made me worked doubly hard, even approaching me and challenged me to give my best. I believed he could sense that I'm not optimising my level best. Was it that obvious? I asked myself.

Just half way of doing it, I was huffing and puffing, panting like nobody's business. I told myself that my stamina is going down and you'd better pull your socks up, pal! 

Just as I was doing my abs exercise, my bf sms me if I wanna joined him for bak kut teh dinner as he would be doing some chores nearby my place. Well well, who would want to reject such nice temptations after surviving on plain bread for the last 48 hours, right? 

So there we were ordering our usual portion of bak kut teh, braised chicken feet and a plate of vege. When the scrumptuos food arrived, I could not wait to whack them all but somehow, my inner self kept reminding, "watch out! You are not fully recovered yet, and you had just exercised. Do you want to waste the calories you have just burnt?"

That hit me hard and I slowed down. Eventually, I only had half bowl of the rice provided =)

I kept on reminding myself, you are going to Redang next week and you do want to have nice pics of yourself taken, right? The thought of photos with big belly immediately made me stop eating. Admittedly being a vain person, I can't accept looking at photos of myself with a protruding beer belly.

Then again, which gay man does not like to have nice photos to be taken and to be complimented on?

I still have a few days more to lose some weights but judging from my working schedule, it looks like a tall order to shape up myself in time.

Well, I can't change the world but if I can stop putting on a few pounds within this few days, I believe, I can't complain much.

I just wonder, how did these guys managed to tone their bodies into such beautiful crafted shapes? Are they humans? Guess, you must be thinking I'm out of my mind again, hahaha.


Skyhawk said...

Work harder if you can't resist the food temptation, which is very normal

Hotties said...

so many days with plain food, good to enjoy those nice food. just beware of the food intake. :)

Dick Toc said...

Skyhawk: Ya, supposed to work hard in gym so as to enjoy good food. Tight schedule causes me to slack a bit.
hotties: yup, exactly my point. But sometimes, eat also salah, don't eat also salah. Sigh.