Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rest & Relax

Nothing beats a holiday whether it's a short break spent locally or an overseas trip.

I recently had a chance to visit Redang with a couple of friends. I could not remember how long it has been since I last had an island trip. The last one that I had was to Perhentian Island at least 3-4 years back.

Back then, it was an all PLU trip about 8 of us. The topics of course were pro-gay. But this time around it was more of a mixed group with some female friends.

I didn't expect much from this trip as I was kinda disappointed with my last Perhentian trip perhaps due to high expectation. The current wet spell also kinda dampened my spirit for this trip.

However, when we landed on the island at Laguna Redang Resort, I was already impressed with the facilities and the layout of the structure.

The moment I laid eyes on the beach, I was all thrilled with excitement. Who wouldn't scream with excitement when you are being invited with the blue calm sea and the clear blue skies?

Later that day, we joined the open sea snorkelling. Although it was only a 5 mins boat ride, the fishes and corals were breathtaking. My bf brought his newly bought water-proof camera, and we tried taking some underwater pictures with the fishes. I must say, it takes a lot of effort and energy to hold one's breath for underwater picture taking.

After spending our time and energy snorkelling, we were all exhausted and hungry. Soon, it's time for dinner. The buffet dinner spread was more than enough to fill our growling stomachs. The cooking were surprisingly quite palatable. And I'm surprised thus far, I haven't had any complaints as yet.

The next two days were spent snorkelling at the marine park, stroll on the soft white beach, frolicking in the swimming pool and more cam-whoring. The marine park was awesome. You do not need to swim far from the beach to view thousand of colorful marine lives swimming inches from yr face. If you were lucky, you could even catch a glimpse of 7-8 foot long eel.

Soon it was time to bid goodbye to our 3D2N trip and I give a of vote 8/10 points to this wonderful yet brief trip to Redang Island. I could safely say that I would not hesitate to come back to this haven again.


Skyhawk said...

I agree...nothing beat a holidays break be it long or short. More so, if it's with the love one!

Hotties said...

sounds wonderful! I never been to Redang before... hv to asked my LOVE one to bring me there.. :p

Dick Toc said...

Skyhawk: Totally agree with you. As long as it's a break with great company. We can still enjoy it to the fullest.
Hotties: Should venture to Redang. But don't take my words for granted. You might come back disappointed. :p