Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sicknesses & Health

Health to many is nothing until sicknesses dawn upon them or there's a sudden lost of somebody important and dear.

For me, my cases are pretty peculiar. I can go on for a long period of time feeling great and energetic. However, when I fall sick, It would be something major or takes a slightly longer time to recover. Mostly, I would need more than a day of MC to .be back on my feet again

This year has been pretty unfortunate in terms of my health. In May, I experienced a prolonged tiredness as well as bout of fever. Little did I realise that I was hit by dengue. I had read so much on the news that dengue cases here in KL were on the rise, and there were friends who had suffered from the same sickness. But, it just never crossed my mind that I would one day be a victim of this ailment brought about by the vicious mosquitoes.

This sickness had left me with greater respect for my health and the way that I should take care of my body. The ordeal of fighting with dengue fever is indescribable. You were left with no strength and energy that all you could do was lie down at all times.

Just a few ago, all of a sudden at about 10pm, I felt that my throat was pretty dry and sensed some mild aching when I drink or swallow. At the same time, I realised that pimples started to find their ways on my forehead, side of my jaw and even at the corner of my mouth.  I was advised to drink more water, gargle with salt water, feed on some vitamin C, take 100 Plus and all that one could think of

However, neither of the remedy worked but instead, the sore throat got worse the next day and you know what, 3 mouth ulcers appeared on left, right and centre underneath the tougue. Swallowing my saliva and drinking was already a painful challenge, the tinging sensation brought about by the ulcers made it even worse. And annoying too.

While bracing myself for recovery, this morning I was hit by a serious case of diarrhoea. It was so terrible that I could hardly walk straight. Once again, lying down seems to be the best option. I could not recollect how many times that I visited the toilet but I can assure you that I could not sit for long before the next visit.

Talk about luck, I can't stop thinking why is this happening to me? Oh please just give me a break.

I just got back from the clinic not long ago, the doctor (well, young and not so bad looking..hehehe) assured me that I would be as good as new tomorrow.

There I was, wasting my Sunday idling at  home lying either on the couch or on my bed surviving on bread and 100 Plus.

Oh yes, did I mention that no one took care of me today? I guess it's time for me to evaluate my list of friends >.<!!!

To all those out there, wishing all of you the best of health!!


Hotties said...

It's suck when our health totally not in order. Can't do anything but just lying on the bed without resting well.

Where is your bf when u need help the most? Useless bf, should throw away! hahaha.. :p

Dick Toc said...

Ya it totally sucks when we're sick. Oh my bf not aware that I'm suffering from diarrhoea. Can't be so impulsive else will regret for life ;)

Skyhawk said... one take care of you? Kesian-nya...yes, please evaluate your friend list again....take care!